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Lowe’s Skilled Trade

Lowe's Skilled Trade

Lowe’s wants young people to aspire to be a member of Generation T. “T” as in Trade Skills.

America is currently facing a severe shortage of skilled trades workers, according to a study by the National Association of Homebuilders. 69% of the Association’s members reported project delays due to a shortage of skilled tradespeople.

There are two reasons for this, according to Michael Mitchell, Lowe’s trade skills director.

Past generations of skilled trade workers are retiring, and there aren’t enough trained workers to replace them. And for 40 years the skilled trades have been miscast. We need to help students understand the path to success leads through education that might not be a four-year degree; skilled trades education is simply a different brand of education.

Michael Mitchell — in a 2019 Business Insider article

Mitchell estimates that there will be a deficit of 3 million skilled trades workers, and this shortage will be severe enough to hurt American businesses and consumers alike.

To address this deficit, Lowe’s is partnering with more than 60 businesses and organizations including 3M, Timberland, Samsung, and Bosch. The National Association of Home Builders, and local trade organizations are also involved in encouraging the growth of Generation T.

Generation T aims to correct the negative perception of skilled trades work. Part of this perceptual correction involves pointing out salary rates for college-educated vs. skilled trade workers. LendEDU’s 2019 survey1 found that college graduates zero to five years out of school made a median salary of $48,400. In contrast, the Department of Labor data indicates that electricians rake in a median annual wage of $55,190, while carpenters earn $46,590 and plumbers take home $53,910.

These figures don’t take into account student loan debt or the projections by IHS Markit that construction is slated to experience stronger wage growth than other sectors in the US for the next few years.

Because we recognize the need to change how skilled trades are perceived and spotlight the opportunities the trade skills yield, such as economic mobility, independence, and success.

Michael Mitchell

In addition to educational efforts, Generation T has created a site, wearegenerationt.com, to serve as a national marketplace for educational programs, skills training, apprenticeships, and jobs.

By educating students and parents about these fields, and connecting companies and mentors to interested candidates, we can start to fill the skilled trades job pipeline. The goal of Generation T is to inspire an entire generation to explore skilled trade careers.

Michael Mitchell

Lowe’s and the other members of the Generation T initiative aren’t the only ones working to change perceptions and increase the supply of skilled trade workers. Since 2012, the demand for HVAC service technicians has been growing, and the industry-wide shortfall of certified HVAC technicians is only expected to increase.

Perfect Technician Academy was founded by the Hobson family in large part to address their business’ need for well-trained, certified HVAC techs. Using their combined decades of experience, they have created an industry-leading program and a fast track to success for students. Knowledgable instructors, in-depth courses and hands-on experience make Perfect Technician Adacemy graduates confident, skilled and ready for success.

At Perfect Technician Academy, we’re proud to be at the forefront of changing perceptions of skilled trades workers by providing motivated workers a pathway to successful careers in the growing HVAC industry.

If you want the skills not just for a job, but for a career that will be in demand and well-paid, in an industry that will value your work ethic and high-performance levels, then Perfect Technician Academy may just be the place for you!


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