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About Us

Keeping up with the demand for HVAC technicians
About Us

As Perfect Technician Academy our primary goal is to make a difference in the working world. We recognized that creating a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning school could make a real difference. We hope to improve the lives of others, by providing access to training and certification that lead to successful trade careers.

Experienced and Trusted

Perfect Technician Academy is accredited by the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges program. Our instructors are knowledgeable with many years of reputable HVAC field experience. Perfect Technicians Academy has combined technical coursework with hands on experiences to create a program that insures career success. We are committed to addressing the needs of our student base while expanding our certification programs and broadening our class schedules.

We are about students

Our student population is rich and diverse with varying ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Perfect Technician Academy students all share the same goal: to acquire an HVAC education that will enable them to be employed and have a successful future. We recognize that our students typically have life obligations. We created a paid externship to ensure that when you complete your training you will be ready to begin a career in the HVAC field.

Community Objectives

We are committed to our local community. We have forged relationships with our community leaders. We are honored to serve our community and be a role model for making a difference to our graduates. We are grateful to share decades of service and industry experience with our North Texas community.

Expert Instructors

At Perfect Technicians Academy we hire instructors with numerous years of experience in the HVAC field. Our instructors are committed to helping each student achieve their goals and success in their career field. Our experienced instructors instill professionalism practices that aid in developing confidence in each student for a successful career in our industry.

Badge of Licensed and Regulated
Badge of Training and Testing Center
Badge of EPA 608 Certification (ESCO Institution)

80% of my top performing technicians are Veterans. If I could find them, I would hire 200 Veterans to train as technicians in 2019.

Photo of Ken Goodrich
Ken Goodrich
Goettl Air Conditioning

I’d encourage others to invest in PTA because the training is hands on and the trainers are invested in the student’s success. Before going to PTA I constantly was second guessing my work in the field and not very confident that I addressed all the problems or potential issues.

Photo of Sophie Quig
Sophie Quig

HVAC is a great career for Veterans, it is something we’re all looking for: job security and getting the opportunity to help people out.

Photo of Dennis Chittum
Dennis Chittum
Marines – 11 years
HVAC – 5 years