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How To Become a Great HVAC Tech

Human Skills to become a Great HVAC Technician

As an HVAC technician, you have an extensive skill set dealing with complex machinery and complex problems. You’re a professional, a skilled tradesman (or woman), a master of your craft.

At Perfect Technician Academy, you’ll learn all the technical skills needed to diagnose, repair and replace HAVC systems. You’ll also learn the people skills you’ll need to become a Great HVAC Tech. That’s why PTA students are in such demand in the industry, and why they do so well after graduation.

All home service technicians ―HVAC, plumbers, electricians, and others― also need to be masters of customer relations. You’ll be entering their homes, often to fix an immediate problem. The customer will be upset, their normal routine will have been disrupted. They’ll be uncomfortable, dreading what you’ll tell them and how much of a hit their bank account is about to take.

Great HVAC Techs aren’t just masters of the technical side of the job. They are masters of communicating with their customers in ways that make the customer satisfied with the work and willing to call the company again (and again and again).

Here are some quick tips on communicating with your customers to help you be that Great HVAC Tech.

Be Professional

When you first meet the customer, smile and introduce yourself. Be courteous, and speak clearly. Have your clipboard and pen (or tablet) in hand. Have your shoe covers on whenever you go into the home. People will understand if you’re a bit rumpled at the end of the day, but make an effort to look like the professional you are.

Listen to What They’re Saying

Customers rarely speak HVAC. They’ll be trying to tell you what’s gone wrong the best way they can. Be understanding and make eye contact. Pay attention to them and what they’re describing. Ask questions when they’ve finished making sure you understand what they’ve said. It’s often helpful to repeat their explanation back to them, this shows you’ve listened and checks your understanding against what they were trying to say.

Be Accurate

When you give the customer a time and cost estimate, be as accurate as possible. If you find something else that will significantly change the estimate, let the customer know as soon as you can. Explain to them what you found and why it will take more (or less) time and money.

If you suspect there are more problems lurking deep inside the system, let the customer know this upfront. If and when you find more problems tell the customer as quickly as possible. Discuss their options and costs calmly, and help the customer make the best choice for them and their wallet.

Manage Your Time

You will usually be making several calls a day, and your customers have things they want to be doing. Stay focused, stay on task, and be as efficient as you can. If a problem can’t be set to rights in a reasonable amount of time, let the customer know what it will take and when it can be fixed.

In the middle of summer, a quick fix to give them some air conditioning until a new unit can be installed will make you a hero to that family. Keep that, and the other customers you have waiting on you, in mind when budgeting your daily time.

Satisfy the Customer

Customers have choices for their HVAC services. Your job is to fix their HVAC system and have them call you back again. There will be people who you’ll never satisfy, your supervisor will have the fun of dealing with them.

The vast majority of customers, however, will be grateful for what you do. A professional, courteous tech that listens well, does what he or she says they’ll do, in the time they say they’ll do it, and fixes the problem. That’s a Great HVAC Tech. That’s also a dedicated customer for life.

If you’re looking for a career that’s in demand in a growing industry, with good compensation and your choice of locations to live and work, then contact Perfect Technician Academy about our HVAC technician training programs. Your success could be just waiting for you at Perfect Technician Academy.

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