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How IoT Is Improving HVAC

IoT (Internet of Things) in HVAC

The progression of technology informs the evolution of every industry, HVAC included. IoT (Internet of things) describes all the Internet-connected devices that have become ubiquitous over the past decade. The HVAC industry has embraced IoT as another tool to help customers stay on top of their system’s performance.

An IoT connected HVAC system enables its user to perform real-time monitoring through Wi-Fi connected sensors that are constantly collecting data and communicating with a computer or mobile applications. These sensors detect problems within the system as they arise, enabling the manager to address an issue before it escalates to a system failure.

Real-time diagnostics can turn what would have been major downtime into a quick repair with minimal downtime. This is especially important in industries where rigorous climate control is vital to operations, like pharmaceutical manufacturing. Diagnostics no longer need to be performed by the HVAC technician when they are performed by the machine itself, reducing the chance of human error affecting the system.

When a business reports a problem with their “analog” HVAC system, downtime has probably already occurred. A technician is dispatched after the emergency repair call is made, and several more hours could pass before the technician is able to arrive, diagnose, and repair the system.

A system with self-monitoring capabilities detects and reports problems instantly so that the manager can call for a technician to preemptively repair what is about to fail, saving time, money, and headaches.

Diagnostics and preemptive maintenance may be the primary benefit of a smart HVAC system, but that is only half of the picture. Self-monitoring systems can also monitor external and internal climate conditions to maximize operational efficiency. Paired with a smart thermostat, the HVAC system will learn the daily conditions required by the tenant and automatically maintain them in the most energy-efficient manner. Some commercial properties see as much as a 20% reduction in energy consumption after switching to a smart HVAC system.

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