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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a career in HVAC worth the investment?

The average annual salary for an HVAC technician is equal to, if not greater, than many professions that would require you to spend $100,000 on a four year college degree. What’s more, the high demand for trained technicians will leave you with job security, and give you the ability to work in just about any location you’d prefer.

How likely am I to get a job after graduation?

The gap between the number of trained technicians on the market, and the public’s growing demand for HVAC needs, is increasing exponentially every year. This means that there has never been a better time to enter into the HVAC industry! With our partners across the country, we have been able to achieve job placement for 97% of our students, and will do all that is in our power to bump that number even higher.

What can I expect the 6-week program to be like?

Your six weeks at Perfect Technician Academy will be spent studying under experienced HVAC experts. You’ll undergo both technical coursework and hands-on practice aimed at preparing you for successful career in the field. Take a look at our program, and what current, and past students are saying about it on our social media sites!