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Opportunities for Service Members

Perfect Technician Academy is committed to preparing our nation’s veterans for successful careers in the skilled-trades industry.

We take a holistic approach to assisting veterans with their transition to the private sector with programs focused on recruiting, employment assistance, and skills development.

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Through partnerships with organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes initiative, Hire Heroes USA and Centurion Military Alliance, the Perfect Technician Academy actively recruits veteran talent across the nation. We proactively seek out veteran job seekers with the skill sets and experience valued by employers in the skilled-trades industry. We coach transitioning veterans to help them understand average salaries, types of positions and how their military skills translate into the trades.

Employment Assistance

The Perfect Technician Academy leverages a network of more than 900 employers in North America to help veterans find employment in their community of choice. We determine where veterans want to live and when they want to begin work. While we cannot guarantee employment, our relationship with organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes initiative, Hire Heroes USA and Centurion Military Alliance, provides veterans extended career advice they need for a successful transition.

Skills Development

The Perfect Technician Academy facilitates skills development for veterans through an accelerated, GI Bill® approved, 6 weeks to success training program. This program trains and certifies veterans as HVAC Residential Install Technicians or HVAC Repair Service Technicians in just 6 weeks. Program graduates enter the heating and air conditioning field confident and ready to succeed.

Veteran Skills Valued by HVAC Employers

Technical Ability
Learning Agility
Problem Solving
Work Ethic
Desire to Serve Others

Military Core Values Breed Success in the HVAC Industry


Perfect Technician Academy is founded on value, respect, and regard for all individuals seeking to advance themselves through trade vocation. We value the importance of trade skills in our local communities and our country. We recognize the importance of a highly skilled and trained workforce and the benefit to our society as a whole.


Perfect Technician Academy strives to create an atmosphere that adheres to the same time-honored traditions of the tradespeople who built our country. We uphold the traditions that recognize strict obedience to ethical practices, moral obligation and safety for ourselves and others. Our graduates are dependable, trustworthy, and proficient in their skills.


Perfect Technician Academy pledges to consistently deliver the most up to date hands-on learning experience. We endeavor to fill the demand for qualified HVAC technicians by presenting a curriculum created around current industry practices. Our graduates are proof of our quality intentions.


Perfect Technicians Academy is devoted to serving our students and the local community. We acknowledge opportunities to serve and do so with great conviction and care of others. We are purposeful in our approach to serving the unique needs of each student and their unique life situation.

Placement First Philosophy

 Our Placement First model is aimed at partnering with employers to place veteran job seekers in their community of choice prior to them beginning training. We ask veterans where they want to live and when they want to start working. Then, we leverage our network of more than 900 employers to make that match for them. While the Perfect Technician Academy cannot guarantee employment, since our inception in 2015 our placement rate is approximately 97%.


Employers interview and select a candidate.

We can help match them with quality candidates that have a desire to live in their community.


Once they identify a culture match for their company, we provide quality training.

The candidates will have a sense of security about their future employment opportunity and we can focus all our time providing them with the quality technical skills employers desire.


Upon the candidate’s completion of the program, employers can offer them a position to meet their staffing needs.

(Companies are not obligated to offer employment).

Get Started

Connect with one of our veteran recruiters for more information.

We have affirmed our support for 8 Keys to Veterans' Success initiative to assist Veterans and Service members in obtaining career-ready skills.

1 / Create a culture of trust and connectedness across the campus community to promote well-being and success for veterans.

2 / Ensure consistent and sustained support from campus leadership.

3 / Implement an early alert system to ensure all veterans receive academic, career, and financial advice before challenges become overwhelming.

4 / Coordinate and centralize campus efforts for all veterans, together with the creation of a designated space for them (even if limited in size).

5 / Collaborate with local communities and organizations, including government agencies, to align and coordinate various services for veterans.

6 / Utilize a uniform set of data tools to collect and track information on veterans, including demographics, retention, and degree completion.

7 / Provide comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff on issues and challenges unique to veterans.

8 / Develop systems that ensure sustainability of effective practices for veterans.

We are an educational institution participating in the Principles of Excellence Program.

  • Provide students with a personalized form covering the total cost of an education program.
  • Provide educational plans for all military and Veteran education beneficiaries.
  • End fraudulent and aggressive recruiting techniques and misrepresentations.
  • Accommodate Servicemembers and Reservists absent due to service requirements.
  • Designate a point of contact to provide academic and financial advice.
  • Ensure accreditation of all new programs prior to enrolling students.
  • Align institutional refund policies with those under Title IV, which governs the administration of federal student financial aid programs.
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Perfect Technician Academy meets the requirements of DoD Instruction 1322.29: Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships, and Internships (JTEST-AI) for Eligible Service Members. We are a Department of Veterans Affairs approved Education and Job Training Program and an approved Career Skills Program (CSP) provider.