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School Closure Assistance

Help Wanted

We are just as shocked as you that something like this happened so abruptly. It’s not fair. We understand that enrolling in that school required major sacrifices for many of you and your families, and we want to do what we can to help.

First of all, you have picked a great industry, and a great State to train in! Here in Texas, we like to think we take better care of our guests, especially our fellow Veterans. We hope that we can help make this current crisis a blessing in disguise.

Texas companies AirTime and Perfect Technician Academy want to help you complete your training and find good jobs with good companies.

As an army veteran, I have a very vested interest in taking care of my fellow servicemen and women as does AirTime as a whole.

Davin Marceau, VP Operations, Success Group International

Our Plan

  1. Determine the number of those affected by this situation as well as those with the most urgent and immediate needs.
  2. Perfect Technician Academy will accommodate and facilitate (at no cost) any training that remains on the path to certification for up to 50 students that wish to finish what they started on location here in Texas. Of these 50, the ability exists to provide housing for up to 20, however, we are seeking a helping hand from local hotel brands during this crisis.
  3. AirTime has agreed to help by donating every available resource possible to making contact with its hundreds of member contractors nationwide regarding what happened to all of you. We will attempt to secure job interviews for those of you where it makes more sense to get a local entry job with a respected contractor now and continue the formal training in due time.
  4. After reviewing your submission (below), we’ll contact you within 1 business day to discuss our suggested strategy on proceeding forward.

You made the right career move. I don’t know what happened at the school but we’re going to do everything we can to get you where you thought you were going to be.

Brett Hobson, Perfect Tech Academy
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